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NIS/LDAP Gateway Version History

Each released version of the NIS/LDAP Gateway, ypldapd, has a build number; ypldapd-XX refers to build XX of the NIS/LDAP Gateway. Build information is available by using the what command on the ypldapd binary. Version history is provided below back to version 1.2FCS; further history is provided with the software itself.

ypldapd-188 (2.3FCS)

  • the NIS mail alias maps now use the mailGroup schema, in lieu of nisMailAlias. Because this is a backwards incompatbile change, the version number has changed. 

ypldapd-187 (2.2FCS)

  • install libnsspem and libnssdbm3

ypldapd-186 (2.2FCS)

  • build for i386 architecure only on Mac OS X 

ypldapd-185 (2.2FCS)

  • don't install nssckbi if absent 

ypldapd-184 (2.2FCS)

  • on platforms using NSS security, include default certificate databases

ypldapd-183 (2.2FCS)

  • make automount search bass configurable

ypldapd-182 (2.2FCS)

  • avoid issuing unnecessary LDAP abandon requests

ypldapd-181 (2.2FCS)

  • disable paged results for IRIX as it cannot support them

ypldapd-180 (2.2FCS)

  • return YP_NOMAP not YP_YPERR for unprivileged requests to secure maps for better interoperability

ypldapd-179 (2.2FCS)

  • use member rather than uniqueMember (RFC 2307bis) 

ypldapd-175 (2.2FCS)

  • refined LDAP server reconneciton logic 

ypldapd-171 (2.2FCS)

  • support for x86_64 platform on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 

ypldapd-167 (2.2FCS)

  • fix leak in paged results code
  • optimise flushing of least recently used file descriptors

ypldapd-165 (2.2FCS)

  • support for paged results

ypldapd-158 (2.2FCS)

  • fixe inet_aton()/bind_address bug on Solaris 

ypldapd-156 (2.2FCS)

  • support for Snow Leopard

ypldapd-153 (2.2FCS)

  • fix DSfW/W2K3R2 schema support (rfc2307xad) to use unixUserPasswordAttribute 

ypldapd-150 (2.2FCS)

  • initial release of 2.2 (no changes since ypldapd-149)

ypldapd-149 (2.1 FCS)

  • support for IRIX 6.5
  • debug output now goes to stderr in addition to syslog (LOG_DEBUG)

ypldapd-148 (2.1FCS)

  • support for Solaris x86

ypldapd-147 (2.1FCS)

  • LDAP version 3 is now the default protocol

ypldapd-146 (2.1FCS)

  • check snprintf() return value for Solaris 2.6 and C99 compatibility

ypldapd-145 (2.1FCS)

  • support Mac OS X 10.5 on PPC and Intel

ypldapd-143 (2.1FCS)

  • add connect_timeout parameter to ypldapd.conf
  • use system snprintf implementation on Solaris (versions of Solaris earlier than 2.6 are no longer supported)
  • fixes for some potential buffer overflows

ypldapd-138 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix crashers in ParseIpService (since build 136) and YPCacheIsComplete

ypldapd-137 (2.1 FCS)

  • add support for Mac OS X 10.4.4 (PowerPC only)

ypldapd-136 (2.1 FCS)

  • map "description" attribute to comment field in certain NIS maps

ypldapd-135 (2.1 FCS)

  • server-side file descriptors are timed out and closed on a LRU basis if ypldapd starts to run out of file descriptors

ypldapd-134 (2.1 FCS)

  • add support for Solaris 10 on Intel

ypldapd-129 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix off-by-one error in NMAS code
  • add "-s" option to ldappasswd to force selection of strong passwords

ypldapd-128 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix startup scripts to send SIGHUP not SIGALRM to flush cache
  • preliminary support for SSL client authentication (not tested)
  • support for Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS) universal password
  • upgrade LDAP client library from Netscape LDAP SDK 3.0 to 5.0
  • use cryptographic random number generator for generating salts

ypldapd-127 (2.1 FCS)

  • fixes for building on newer glibc systems

ypldapd-126 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix a bug where ypldapd would crash if parent fall-through was enabled and a dynamic or unknown map was requested

 ypldapd-123 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix for TTL-based cached expiry (regression introduced in ypldapd-115)

ypldapd-122 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix license library error on AIX

ypldapd-121 (2.1 FCS)

  • another fix for crasher if ypall_caching is enabled (regression introduced in ypldapd-115; does not affect Intel platforms) 

ypldapd-120 (2.1 FCS)

  • fix crasher if ypall_caching is enabled (regression introduced in ypldapd-115; does not affect Intel platforms) 

ypldapd-119 (2.1 FCS)

  • don't leak if a YP_ALL (ypcat) is interrupted

ypldapd-118 (2.1 FCS)

  • support FreeBSD 4.10   

ypldapd-116 (2.1FCS)

  • don't set group-writable bit on /etc (Solaris only)

ypldapd-115 (2.1FCS)

  • free map caches on program termination

ypldapd-114 (2.1FCS)

  • support AIX 5L

ypldapd-113 (2.1FCS)

  • in this and subsequent versions of ypldapd, manually flushing the cache requires a SIGHUP rather than a SIGALRM to be delivered to ypldapd. SIGALRM is now only used internally to manage scheduled events.

ypldapd-111 (2.1FCS)

  • correctly rebind in ldappasswd to referred servers (the fix in ypldapd-109 did not work)

ypldapd-109 (2.1FCS)

  • no longer support netmasks.bymask map
  • correctly rebind in ldappasswd to referred servers

ypldapd-108 (2.1FCS)

  • fixed Bug 130: don't include network in netmasks map

ypldapd-107 (2.1FCS)

  • fixed Bug 123: flush shadow maps on password change

ypldapd-106 (2.1FCS)

  • support non-protocol queries in services maps
  • include all migration tools

ypldapd-104 (2.1FCS)

  • fixed Bug 106: LDAP errors cause ldappasswd to crash on Linux.

ypldapd-103 (2.1FCS)

  • fixed Bug 103: non-existent maps are correctly identified as such.

ypldapd-102 (2.1FCS)

  • workaround for Bug 97: better logging and error handling in preload cache.
  • fixed Bug 97: netgroups broken onto multiple lines are now correctly parsed by the MigrationTools.
  • the NetInfo naming context file now correctly expects to find groups in cn=groups, not cn=users.
  • reporting of cache preload errors has been improved, particularly for existent but empty maps.
  • reporting of cache hit rate percentages now works on Solaris (send ypldapd a SIGUSR1 to have these logged).
  • the bind address, as well as UDP and TCP ports used by ypldapd to receive incoming connections are configurable. See ypldapd(8) for information on the new udpport, tcpport, and bind_address directives.
  • the userPassword hashing scheme is no longer configurable; {CRYPT} is always used.
  • the bundled MigrationTools have been upgraded to MigrationTools-42; these may no longer be compatible with versions of Perl prior to 5.004. Thanks to Bob Apthorpe for his contributions to the MigrationTools in this release.

Note that this version requires a 2.1 license key. Please read the announcement for more information.

ypldapd-98 (2.0FCS)

  • fixed Bug 89: bug in parsing automount maps.

ypldapd-97 (2.0FCS)

  • fixed Bug 87: bug in parsing groups with distinguished name members when non-RFC 2307 schema is enabled.
  • support for Solaris 2.6 and 7 resumed with this build.

ypldapd-96 (2.0FCS)

  • fixed Bug 84: filter qualifies (typically specified in filters.conf) are now applied when cache preloading is enabled. In previous versions, the cache preload was completed before the filter configuration file was loaded, and thus they were not applied.
  • fixed Bug 85: when both preloading and ypall caching were enabled, the first key of a preloaded map could be omitted.

ypldapd-94 (2.0FCS)

  • integration fix for state table LRU cache

ypldapd-93 (2.0FCS)

Note that this version was recalled due to a bug in the state table LRU cache.

  • A message is logged to the standard error after a password has been successfully changed
  • A leak in the distinguished name to user name cache has been fixed
  • The distinguished name to user name cache can be expired using the dn2uid_cache_dump_interval (specified in minutes) option in the ypldapd configuration file. The default is 24 hours.
  • support for Solaris 2.6 and 7 was dropped with this build.

ypldapd-92 (2.0FCS)

  • fixed Bug 68: if caching was disabled, ypldapd could spin in select() or poll()

ypldapd-91 (2.0BETA)

  • support for the Microsoft Services for UNIX schema
  • fixed a bug where, if extended searching was disabled, and an unknown map requested, the server would crash
  • shadow attributes are correctly retrieved for the master.passwd map

ypldapd-89 (1.2FCS)

  • support for AIX 4.3.3 and the SecureWay directory schema

ypldapd-84 (1.2FCS)

  • the changefield in master.passwd is now correctly derived from the shadowMax attribute, not shadowLastChange

ypldapd-83 (1.2FCS)

  • the chase_referrals option in the ypldapd configuration file specifies whether referrals are to be chased

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