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Release Notes for ypldapd

Prior to Installation

Before installation of the NIS/LDAP Gateway, you must have a valid license key. You may request an evaluation license key by sending electronic mail to

Notification of Evaluation License

You will receive a 30 day evaluation license for the NIS/LDAP Gateway via electronic mail within 24 hours of submission. Please contact if you have questions regarding the licensing procedure.

Installation (Solaris)

The Solaris version of the software asks for the license during installation. You should have ready a 30-day trial evaluation license key, or a permanent license key that was supplied upon purchase of the software. A license configuration file is installed in /opt/ypldapd/etc/padlock.ldif. The license key should be entered without any line breaks or spaces. You must provide your machine's hostid when requesting a permanent license key.

Installation (Other platforms)

Download and copy it into /opt/ypldapd. This installation script will guide you through the installation and licensing procedure. Or, you can install the NIS/LDAP Gateway manually by extracting the distribution into /opt/ypldapd and copying the supplied license file to /opt/ypldapd/etc/padlock.ldif. You must provide your machine's hostid and IP address when requesting a permanent license key.

License File Format

An example of a Padlock license file is:

padlockKey:: 3q+6vnlwbGRhcGRAUEFETC5DT0

padlockApplication: ypldapd@PADL.COM
padlockType: dsaWithSHA
objectClass: padlockLicense

If you are entering the license key in response to a question asked by our installation script, you should enter the right hand side of the padlockKey attribute (in this example, the text starting with 3q+6...), right up to the end of the next line (in this example, the line ending with NXPDW), as a single line without any spaces.

Alternatively, if you are creating the license file manually, you can paste the entire license key that you have received from PADL into /opt/ypldapd/etc/padlock.ldif. Extraneous attributes are ignored by the license file parser; the padlockType and padlockKey attributes are mandatory. The license key in the example above has been edited due to space restrictions.

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