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NIS/LDAP Gateway

The NIS/LDAP Gateway, or ypldapd, is a Network Information Service (NIS) server which uses LDAP as its information source. It permits existing NIS clients to transparently use LDAP to resolve user, group and host information. Enterprises can thus realize the benefits of LDAP, such as its distribution and being scalable, without upgrading clients.

The NIS/LDAP Gateway has been available since 1997. It is the only multi-platform NIS to LDAP integration product that works with any LDAP directory server. Please note that NIS+ is not supported at this time.

Key Benefits

  • Employs the schema for 'Using LDAP as a Network Information Service', defined in RFC 2307. The schema has been embraced by vendors including Apple, Hewlett Packard, Novell, Red Hat, Silicon Graphics and Sun Microsystems.
  • Support for the Microsoft Services for UNIX Active Directory schema
  • Support for Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS)
  • Supports all commonly used NIS maps, including the passwd, group, hosts, networks, aliases, netgroup and services maps
  • Supports any NIS version 2 client
  • Supports any LDAP version 2 or 3 server
  • Includes tools for migrating legacy UNIX and NIS data to LDAP
  • Supports arbitrary NIS maps using the 'nisObject' object class or the ypldapd plug-in API
  • Caches NIS maps for maximum performance
  • Supports 'fallthrough' to legacy NIS and NIS+ servers
  • Includes ldappasswd program for changing users' passwords in LDAP


The NIS/LDAP Gateway User Guide is available by FTP, or HTTP. (Microsoft Word 97 or a compatible viewer is required to view the document.)

A Postscript version is also available via FTP, or HTTP.

The NIS/LDAP Gateway Porting Guide is available to source licensees.

Release notes are available here.

A build version history is available here.


The NIS/LDAP Gateway is available for Solaris and Linux.

Please contact for licensing information, or download an evaluation copy. HP-UX customers should contact Hewlett Packard directly (product J4269AA).

Please read the runtime license agreement before downloading or purchasing this software.

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