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The BrowserID GSS mechanism is a plugin for the GSS-API that allows Mozilla Persona credentials to be used to sign-in to non-web protocols, such as SMTP, IMAP, SSH, LDAP, CIFS, and NFS. It also includes a general purpose C library that may be used by application developers wishing to integrate Persona into their application.

A draft protocol specification is available here.

Key Benefits

  • Allows users to sign-on to network services using Persona credentials
  • Support for any protocol that uses the GSS-API or SASL GS2
  • Diffie-Hellman key exchange for message protection services
  • Mutual authentication using X.509 certificates
  • Fast ticket-based re-authentication


The client side of the BrowserID mechanism supports OS X and, with some limitations, Windows. The server side should work with any modern operating system that supports MIT Kerberos or Heimdal.


The software is distributed under the terms of the Sleepycat License. Please familiarize yourself with the license before downloading the software. Alternative licenses are available through our relicensing program.

The current version is available from GitHub.

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