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The CVSTools provide a simple project versioning system built upon git which is used by all PADL software. The following scripts are included in CVSTools:

Based on Apple's checkpoint program, this creates Perl program the CVSVersionInfo.txt file for a work area (when invoked with -create). To checkpoint (i.e. increment the version number and create a CVS tag) type checkpoint with no arguments, or with the new version number as an argument.
Common library functions used by some of these scripts for getting the repository and project names. One can override CVSVersionInfo.txt location with the CVSVERSIONDIR environment variable, which is useful for nested source trees where one wishes to pull in the top level version info for the project name, and the current directory name for the program.

Executes cvs export and then creates a tarball in ~/dist/project-version.tar.gz.

Equivalent of OS X's /usr/bin/vers_string, instead using CVSVersionInfo.txt the repository and project names.

CVSTools are available for download via FTP or HTTP.

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