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PADL provide limited 30-day installation support with its commercial software. Additional technical support for either commercial software is available by purchasing a support contract. A support contract covers either a fixed or unlimited number of incidents; all contracts have a lifetime of one year. The customer must designate a maximum of two contacts from which PADL will accept technical support enquiries. An incident is a single support issue that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems.

Source licensees with support contracts will receive updates to our source code for the duration of their support contract. If you have purchased support on a per-incident basis, each source code drop or update may, at PADL's discretion, count as a support incident.

At this stage, PADL only offer technical support via electronic mail. Please note that we do not guarantee a human response to support enquiries regarding open source software from customers who have not purchased a support contract.

Our partner Symas provides technical support for PADL's open source software.

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