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Research and Development

PADL maintains an active research and development program. We have contributed some of the results of this research to the open source community, whilst other projects are awaiting commercialization. PADL acknowledges the support of the AusIndustry Research and Development Tax Concession.


Darwin is the open source core of Apple's Mac OS X operating system.


Heimdal is an open source implementation of the Kerberos V protocol from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.


The XMLRPCObjC language bindings provide a transparent means of creating and accessing XML-RPC servers from within the Objective-C language.


PADL developed a prototype LDAP front-end to Ganymede, a portable and customizable network directory management system, for a presentation at the January, 2001 Silicon Valey Linux Users Group meeting.


PADL have contributed various bug fixes and enhancements to the OpenLDAP directory server. We have also developed custom backends for Apple Computer, Inc., and myinternet Limited.

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