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To purchase PADL software, please fax us a purchase order or click on the Buy Now buttons below. We will contact you via electronic mail and send you an invoice. Purchase-related enquiries should be sent to

Please note that, as a company policy, we do not provide permanent license keys until full payment has been received. We instead provide temporary license keys cover the purchase process; only the license file need be updated when the permanent key is issued. Source code licensees must complete and execute a Source License Agreement before the source will be shipped.

The following notes apply to all of PADL's commercial software:

  • A single Runtime License may be used on a single server. There are no per-user or per-client limits, other than those that may be imposed by the hardware on which the software is run.
  • Technical support is provided via electronic mail for the first 30 days following purchase of a Runtime License.
  • Prices are in U.S. dollars. We will accept payment in Australian dollars only from customers incorporated in Australia, at the day's exchange rate.
  • Australian customers must add 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • Prices include electronic distribution only; if you wish to be provided with physical media, you will need to purchase a Compendium CD-ROM (see Other Products below).
  • Please be sure that you have read the appropriate End User License Agreement  before downloading or purchasing the software.
  • We will accept checks drawn on U.S. bank accounts but prefer telegraphic (wire) transfers. (Foreign checks must be sent for collection, which takes several weeks.) Customers are provided with bank account details for wire transfer on invoicing.
  • We accept payments for some products via PayPal (from non-Australian customers only).
  • There are no reseller discounts.

Commencing May 1, 2008, PADL has increased the price of some of its products, owing to the weak US dollar. For many products, this is the first price increase since 1999.

NIS/LDAP Gateway (ypldapd)

YPLDAPD-2P Two ypldapd Runtime Licenses $1500
YPLDAPD-10P Ten ypldapd Runtime Licenses $6000
YPLDAPD-20P Twenty ypldapd Runtime Licenses $10000
YPLDAPD-50P Fifty ypldapd Runtime Licenses $20000
YPLDAPD-100P One hundred ypldapd Runtime Licenses $30000
YPLDAPD-SRC ypldapd Source Code License $20000
YPLDAPD-UPG ypldapd 1.x to 2.1 Upgrade $250

A 20% academic discount applies to ypldapd Runtime Licenses, but not to the entire Source Code License fee. Customers applying for the discount must provide proof of academic status.

A ypldapd Source Code License includes ten Runtime Licenses. If you wish to extend your deployment beyond ten machines, you will need to purchase additional licenses.

Kerberos Authentication Plugin (GSS-SASL)

GSSSASL-1P One GSS-SASL Runtime License $2500
GSSSASL-SRC GSS-SASL Source Code License $25000

A GSS-SASL Source Code License provides unlimited deployment of GSS-SASL within the customer's site; there is no need to purchase additional licenses.

Technical Support

SUPPORT-5P Five Technical Support Incidents $1500
SUPPORT-10P Ten Technical Support Incidents


SUPPORT-1Y One Year Enterprise Technical Support $30000

Support incidents may be used for commercial PADL products only, and have a lifetime of one year. Support incidents are provided over electronic mail only. An incident is a single support issue that cannot be broken down into subordinate problems. Conditions apply to the Unlimited Technical Support contract.

Other Products

PADL offers a CD-ROM including open source software, as well as evaluation versions of our commercial software, for $100 including shipping and handling. Proceeds help subsidize PADL's open source development. When ordering, please specify product code COMPEND, or click the button below to purchase using PayPal.

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