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PADL has had a long history of involvement with the open source community. We wrote the LDAP nameservice libraries which are now part of every major Linux distribution, and have made substantial contributions to the security and directory service infrastructure of Darwin, the core of Mac OS X. This page contains links to the open source projects you can download from us. Our research and development page contains further information on some of PADL's open source software.

You can support PADL's continued investment in open source by purchasing a compendium CD-ROM or technical support.

Open source users are encouraged to use Bugzilla to report bugs or suggest enhancements. Please read our guidelines for contributing.

A list of vulnerabilites and exposures registered at MITRE CVE is here.



GSSKit is an Objective-C wrapper for the GSS-API.


CredUI is an abstraction layer for Mac OS X for interactive credentials acquisition.


The BrowserID GSS mechanism is a plugin for the GSS-API that allows Mozilla Persona credentials to be used to sign-in to non-web protocols.


The NegoEx extensions to Kerberos allow GSS-API security mechanisms to exchange metadata before committing to authentication.


The pam_gss module provides the means for Linux servers and workstations to authenticate against arbitrary GSS-API security mechanisms.


The LDAP Nameservice Switch (NSS) module is an open source project to integrate LDAP as a native nameservice under AIX, Linux, Solaris, and other operating systems.


The LDAP Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) integrates LDAP authentication into operating systems supporting the PAM API, such as Darwin, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, and Solaris.


The Nameservice Switch UpdateDB tool enables the local caching of network directory information.


The Cached Credentials Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM) provides local authentication using enterprise identities when the network is unavailable.


pam_localpwcheck is a very simple strength checking module designed for local accounts only.


The MigrationTools are a freely distributed set of Perl scripts for migrating UNIX and NIS nameservice information to LDAP directories.


The ldapprofile tool provides a simple mechanism for configuring nss_ldap, pam_ldap and OpenLDAP clients from information stored in an LDAP directory.


The CVSTools provide a simple project versioning system built on top of CVS.

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