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New Open Source Projects for 2014

New Open Source Projects for 2013

NIS/LDAP Gateway Version 2.2 Released

Novell announces Open Enterprise Server 2 Service Pack 1

Current Versions of PADL Software (May 2008)

Improved Active Directory Support in nss_ldap

PADL Founder Receives Victorian Pearcey Award

New Open Source Software from PADL

PADL Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Clarification on VAS Frequently Asked Questions

OpenLDAP Developers' Day - Vienna

Building nss_ldap on HP-UX 11.x

Potential Buffer Overflow in nss_ldap DNS SRV support

Building nss_ldap on AIX 4.3.3

NIS/LDAP Gateway Version 2.1 Released

iPlanet Directory Server 5.x and the NIS/LDAP Gateway

Build 98 of NIS/LDAP Gateway Released

Local Format String Vulnerability in pam_ldap

Guidelines for Contributing to Open Source Projects

Installing the NIS/LDAP Gateway on FreeBSD

Active Directory and the NIS/LDAP Gateway

Build 97 of NIS/LDAP Gateway Released

Open Source Porting Policy

Build 96 of NIS/LDAP Gateway Released

Apple Acquires LDAP/NetInfo Bridge

PADL Survey on Open Source Software Use

Fix for Build 93 of the NIS/LDAP Gateway

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