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Build 98 of NIS/LDAP Gateway Released

Supersedes: ypldapd-97.

The latest build of the NIS/LDAP Gateway, ypldapd-98, corrects the following issues:

  • Bug 89: bug in parsing automount maps.

If you received an error upon installation similar to "group name <rc> not found in group table(s)" or "owner name <rc> not found in passwd table(s)", please upgrade to this version.

This version also includes a sample namingcontext configuration file for use with Apple's NetInfo directory service. We intend to provide OS X support concurrent with the release of Jaguar.

See here for a history of previous versions. This version is available for Solaris, Linux, and FreeBSD.

The latest version of the NIS/LDAP gateway is always available from the PADL Software Depot. Please contact PADL for further instructions.

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