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NIS/LDAP Gateway Version 2.1 Released

Supersedes: ypldapd-98.

PADL is pleased to announce version 2.1 of the NIS/LDAP Gateway. This release, ypldapd-103, corrects the following issues since build 98 of version 2.0:

  • workaround for Bug 97: better logging and error handling in preload cache.
  • fixed Bug 97: netgroups broken onto multiple lines are now correctly parsed by the MigrationTools.
  • fixed Bug 103: non-existent maps are correctly identified as such.
  • the NetInfo naming context file now correctly expects to find groups in cn=groups, not cn=users.
  • reporting of cache preload errors has been improved, particularly for existent but empty maps.
  • reporting of cache hit rate percentages now works on Solaris (send ypldapd a SIGUSR1 to have these logged).
  • the bind address, as well as UDP and TCP ports used by ypldapd to receive incoming connections are configurable. See ypldapd(8) for information on the new udpport, tcpport, and bind_address directives.
  • the userPassword hashing scheme is no longer configurable; {CRYPT} is always used.
  • the bundled MigrationTools have been upgraded to MigrationTools-42; these may no longer be compatible with versions of Perl prior to 5.004. Thanks to Bob Apthorpe for his contributions to the MigrationTools in this release.

Additionally, the following issues have been corrected since the first release of version 2.0:

  • fixed Bug 89: bug in parsing automount maps.
  • fixed Bug 87: bug in parsing groups with distinguished name members when non-RFC 2307 schema is enabled.
  • support for Solaris 2.6 and 7 resumed with this build.
  • fixed Bug 84: filter qualifies (typically specified in filters.conf) are now applied when cache preloading is enabled. In previous versions, the cache preload was completed before the filter configuration file was loaded, and thus they were not applied.
  • fixed Bug 85: when both preloading and ypall caching were enabled, the first key of a preloaded map could be omitted.
  • A message is logged to the standard error after a password has been successfully changed.
  • A leak in the distinguished name to user name cache has been fixed.
  • The distinguished name to user name cache can be expired using the dn2uid_cache_dump_interval (specified in minutes) option in the ypldapd configuration file. The default is 24 hours.

This release requires a version 2.1 license key. Previous license keys will not work with this version. Build 98 is the last release to work with version 1.0 license keys, which were shipped to all customers before June 12, 2002. If you have a current support contract or were issued an initial license key after May 12, 2002, you are eligible for a new license key. An upgrade from version 1.x is also available as product code YPLDAPD-UPG. Please contact for more information. Customers that requested keys after June 12, 2002 have already received 2.1 license keys.

See here for a history of previous versions. This version is available for Solaris, Linux, AIX, and FreeBSD. This version is the first since build 89 to support AIX.

The latest version of the NIS/LDAP gateway is always available from the PADL Software Depot. Please contact PADL for further instructions.

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