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iPlanet Directory Server 5.x and the NIS/LDAP Gateway

The NIS/LDAP Gateway has been tested with Netscape's Directory Server since its inception.

The following notes apply to using the latest versions of the iPlanet Directory Server (iDS):

  • Contrary to documentation, the slapd-v3.nis.conf file does not need to be installed, as iDS supports the RFC 2307 schema out of the box. However, should you need to support the interim automount schema, you will need to configure this schema manually based on the OIDs in slapd-v3.nis.conf.
  • The migration tools expect to find the dsimport and ldapmodify tools in their default locations under /usr/iplanet/servers. If you have installed iDS in a different directory, please set the LDIF2LDBM and LDAPADD environment variables to the full path to the respective tools.

The NIS/LDAP Gateway is particularly useful with iPlanet Directory Server 5.x, as Sun's Solaris NIS extensions are presently only supported with Directory Server 4.x.

Please contact technical support with any questions.

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