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Open Source Porting Policy

From time to time we are asked if we will port open source software such as nss_ldap, to other platforms, such as FreeBSD. We would love to see all of our software on as many platforms as possible, but in each situation - particularly for open source software - we need to make a compelling business case. This could mean:

  • recouping a fixed fee, to cover purchasing any necessary hardware, as well as engineering time, or;
  • a vendor providing proprietary hardware and compensating for engineering time.

In some cases we will do the engineering gratis if the customer purchases a support contract.

Note that we always endeavor to ensure that our open source software, unless otherwise indicated, works on current versions of Solaris and Linux. Our reference platforms are Solaris 8 and Debian GNU/Linux. We also verify that the software builds on FreeBSD 3.x. Note that nss_ldap does not presently support the nsdispatch() API used by NetBSD and FreeBSD; some work would be needed to do this.

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