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Apple Acquires LDAP/NetInfo Bridge

PADL's LDAP NetInfo bridge for Mac OS X has been acquired by Apple Computer, Inc. PADL is no longer offering evaluation copies of this product; it is a part of Apple's Open Directory.

About the LDAP NetInfo bridge

The LDAP NetInfo bridge is a gateway between the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and NetInfo, the directory server that presently ships with Mac OS X. (NetInfo is available under the Apple Public Source License.) The bridge's features include:

  • Support for X.500 naming of NetInfo directories and domains
  • Transparent mapping between X.500 and NetInfo attributes
  • Read/write support to NetInfo on-disk databases as well as remote NetInfo servers
  • Referral and search continuation reference support to mirror NetInfo hierarchy in LDAP
  • Support for both OpenLDAP and legacy NetInfo authorization models
  • Support for RFC 2307 NIS schema; tested with PADL NIS/LDAP gateway and LDAPAgent, LLAgent, and Directory Services on OS X
  • Structure and content rules implicitly enforced for compatibility with legacy NetInfo directories
  • Compatible with X.500 extensions in nicl
  • Support for changing of NetInfo user passwords over LDAP

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