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Installing the NIS/LDAP Gateway on FreeBSD

NB: As of Build 118, the NIS/LDAP Gateway is now build on FreeBSD 4.10. This article no longer applies.

The FreeBSD build of the NIS/LDAP Gateway is linked against version 3 of the C library ( On FreeBSD 4.x systems, with, you should install the FreeBSD 3.x compatibility libraries.

Alternatively, you can link the current version of the C library to, for use by the NIS/LDAP Gateway only. This is shown in the following example:

cd /opt/ypldapd/lib
ln -s /usr/lib/

Whilst we have anecdotal evidence to suggest that this works just fine, we do not officially support this. A future release will support the FreeBSD 4.x C library natively.

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