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Guidelines for Contributing to Open Source Projects

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines before contributing to our open source software.

  • A bug fix or enhancement should first be filed in Bugzilla, our bug tracking system. The bug report should include a URL to the patch.
  • Patches must be supplied in the unified diff format (diff -u).
  • We will integrate patches on a best-effort basis; the easier the patch is to integrate (for example, the more closely it conforms to existing coding conventions, design patterns, etc), the quicker this will be done.
  • If possible, please test your patch on all supported platforms. Patches that break building with a particular platform or configuration will take longer to integrate.
  • Unless you explicitly request otherwise (by specifying a copyright notice, for example), PADL assumes all rights to any contributions upon submission. If necessary (for example, your employer requires it), please complete an assignment of copyright concurrent with code submission.
  • If your contribution includes third-party code, the third-party code must be released under a compatible license; for example, we cannot incorporate GPL licensed code into a BSD or LGPL licensed project.
  • All contributions will be acknowledged in the AUTHORS file in the top level of a project directory.

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